Vella Status Update

Just some updated stats and info about a few of my stories.

I delayed this one a bit, mostly due to stress, and partly because I was waiting for some updated stats on my Kindle Vella book. Things are calming down now, so I should be back on track after this.

First up, I’ve seen continued success with marketing my novel. I’ve been lucky enough to find a few dedicated readers. My overall stats for January were:

Total episodes read: 165

Locked episodes read: 66

Total thumbs up: 160

Follows: 18

Royalties: $5.10

Second, I’ve decided to pull Early Adopter later this month, after bonuses have posted. I regret putting it up so early, as now I want to edit my current chapters and take them in a different direction. So it’s best that I focus on finishing it and then publishing it as a proper ebook. But first I need to finish drafting my PNR novelette, which is near completion. I expect to be done with that by the middle of the month.

But Early Adopter is intended to be a longer work, so I’ll give myself some time to work it out. In its stead, I’ve decided to start putting up chapters of my actual web serial, which is relatively easier to write for as the story is established in my head, with a character I developed years ago but never had a real use for outside of a roleplay based on the Log Horizon series. I’d also like to go back to finishing my Shifter novel, which I got distracted from with Fluid Bonding.

Writing aside, I’ve generally been feeling better. My allergies aren’t kicking my ass as much as before, though I get the occasional flare up. I’m also still waiting to here from the allergist’s office about when I can start getting my shots (yay!). I’m hoping to start before the month is over. I just want this to be over.