Hello! I'm Eggler, a black, queer, and autistic novelist. I was a very avid reader when I was younger, and that quickly turned into a desire to write and publish my own books. I started my first novel at the age of 14, but only finished my first book last year. I've learned that writing isn't easy, especially if you go in without a plan.

I primarily write sapphic paranormal romance, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Most of my stories include supernatural creatures, such as vampires and shapeshifters, as I find these creatures highly fascinating. My characters, or at least the protagonists are always neurodiverse in some form (ADHD, autism, bipolar, OCD, etc.), and queer, and black.

My hobbies include reading, gaming (mostly indies and visual novels), and listening to music and podcasts. I have one pet at the moment, a tortoiseshell cat named Lily. I love rodents and recently lost a hamster, but hope to adopt more in the future.

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