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I completed my Kindle Vella, Fluid Bonding, and have since started two others, Last Train Home and The Threads That Weave.

When I'm not working on that, I have another paranormal romance I've been drafting. It's definitely more adult, and the main characters are all in their mid to early thirties. There are vampires, witches, and werewolves (oh my!), and themes include grief, loneliness, polyamory, blood drinking, eroticism, etc. It's also set in the same universe as Fluid Bonding, and several years in the future, so fans of that book will get to see the old main cast.

Oh, and most of the story is set in a magic academy. The MC is a school librarian, and one of their love interests is a teacher. The other is a werewolf and monster hunter.

I won't be publishing this on Kindle Vella; I most likely will be self-publishing, unless I can find a good indie press to work with.


After a series of bad and persistent sinus infections, I got tested for allergies. Two of the main offenders were dust mites and a variety of molds, followed by dust, roaches, poplar and sycamore trees, and ragweed.

As of February, I've started allergy shots and they've gone well so far. My main reactions have been light sinus headaches and itching.

I invested in a treadmill and looked into virtual trails and tours; walking is always something I've enjoyed, but I have to mind my mold allergies and avoid trails for a bit.


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Beastars, by Paru Itagaki

Club X by S.P. Somtow

Confessions by Victoria Fletcher

The Farmer and the Fald, by J R Leach

Provoking Fire by Tanisha N. Wright