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I put Fluid Bonding up as a preorder! It releases on August 26th, having previously been on Kindle Vella for the past few months. This version has been fine tuned and edited.

When I'm not working on my Kindle Vellas, I'm editing my upcoming paranormal romance. It's definitely more adult, and the main characters are all in their late to early thirties. There are vampires, witches, and werewolves (oh my!), and themes include grief, loneliness, polyamory, mutual blood drinking, eroticism, etc. It's also set in the same universe as Fluid Bonding, and several years in the future, so fans of that book will get to see the old main cast.

Oh, and the backdrop of the setting is a magic academy, in a fictional (and subtly haunted) American mountain town. The MC is a school librarian, and one of their love interests is a teacher. The other is a wolf shifter and "monster hunter".

Expect a short story (prequel) this fall. I hope to have the actual book done by October.


After a series of bad and persistent sinus infections, I got tested for allergies. Two of the main offenders were dust mites and a variety of molds, followed by dust, roaches, poplar and sycamore trees, and ragweed.

I was on shots for a few months (February to May), but stopped after some very bad reactions. At least my allergies are manageable now! Maybe I'll give allergy drops a try in the future, but for now I'll stick to managing my surroundings and explore alternatives.

Quail egg powder seems to be doing the trick, though I still take my usual antihistamines. I also started a newer product, Xhance, under advice of my ENT doctor. Still too early to say, but I am hopeful.


AI: The Somnium Files: nirvanA Initiative

Book of Travels

Disco Elysium

Night Cascades (highly recommend if you're looking for a good sapphic VN)

Pikmin Bloom

Triangle Strategy


Beastars, by Paru Itagaki

Eros/Psyche by Maria Llovet