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Early Adopter, my sci-fi noir, is now available for pre-order!

My web serial, Last Train Home, now has a companion guide for fans who want to know more about the world and characters:

And now I have a Ream page! It's like Patreon, but made by authors for authors.

Other books I'm working on:

  • Book 2 of St. Acton
  • A shifter crime drama
  • A shifter thriller (it's the time!)


After a series of bad and persistent sinus infections, I got tested for allergies. Two of the main offenders were dust mites and a variety of molds, followed by dust, roaches, poplar and sycamore trees, and ragweed.

I was on shots for a few months last year, but stopped after some very bad reactions. At least my allergies are manageable now! I've been using Xhance, under advice of my ENT doctor. Most recently, we moved to an apartment with hardwood floors, and combined with other preventative measures, I've improved a lot.

Currently tending to my mental health (anxiety, depression, OCD) and feeling better for it.

Started HRT on 06/03/2023.


Book of Travels

Melvore Idle

Triangle Strategy


The Post-Self series Madison Scott-Clary

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