Last Train Home

My latest Vella, a queer portal fantasy.

Last Train Home
A corgi standing before a ruined train, admiring the sunrise.

Last Train Home - portal fantasy / LGBTQIA+

Meike's cozy train ride left them stranded in Glasend, a world where magic and man-eating plants are the norm. With their knowledge of botany and healing herbs, Meike aspires to become a reputable herbalist and mage. They make many friends along the way, including a quick-witted swordswoman, an axe wielding corgi, and other quirky characters. Later seasons explore magic and proper questing, and introduce monster taming. *Updates weekly, on Thursdays!

This one is intended to be a proper web serial, and will eventually become more slice of life after the MC has grown accustomed to their surroundings.

You can read it on Kindle Vella, Laterpress, or Neovel.

It now has a companion guide.