Last Train Home

Last Train Home
A corgi stands in front of a ruined train, admiring the sunset.

A queer portal fantasy series

Meike’s cozy train ride left them stranded in Glasend, a world where magic and man-eating plants are the norm. With their knowledge of botany and healing herbs, Meike aspires to become a reputable herbalist and mage. They make many friends along the way, including a quick-witted fencer, an axe wielding corgi, and other quirky characters.

The story so far...

  • Season 1 included a series of fetch quests and adaptation to the world. Meike is determined to embrace their second chance at life and reinvent themself, while Anniken despairs her former life and navigates the strange landscape.
  • Seasons 2 and 3 explored magic and proper questing. Here, Meike gets a real taste of magic and adventure, while Anniken makes an astounding shift—and finds love?!
  • Season 4 continues the trend, albeit with caution and questioning of the status quo, and a kinder future. Meike is starting to see the world as less of a game, and more a world of consequences—for themself and their friends.

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