A collection of my available books.

My books are available on all major platforms (Apple, Google Play, Kobo, etc), Kobo Plus, libraries (including Hoopla and Overdrive). If you'd rather support me directly, you can do so through my shop.

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Early Adopter:

  • Early Adopter, a tech noir following a PI and a police detective's search for a missing young woman.

Last Train Home:

  • Off The Beaten Path, book one of the queer portal fantasy series. Meike begins their fantastical journey in Glasend, where they pursue herbalism, magic, and monster taming.

St. Acton Series:

  • Gone Was the Glow, prequel to the St. Acton series, a spicy paranormal romance. It introduces Evan, along with Svenja, the German PI and wolf shifter.
  • I Think of You Often, book 1 in the St. Acton series. It follows Evan several years later, to their career at a magic school. Polyamory, childhood trauma, and patricide are prominent themes. The main cast from Fluid Bonding, Hester in particular, make an appearance. HFN, with a HEA planned for the sequel.


  • Fluid Bonding, an endearing sapphic paranormal romance, between a telepathic office worker and a vampiric med student.
  • In The Company of Wolves — Short Christmas story featuring a family of wolf shifters and the lone panther.
  • Never Too Much, a book set in St. Acton, but far less fantastical. It follows an asexual lesbian's attempt to find love after a speed dating event.