Que Sera Sera

I settled on a title and cover for my upcoming Kindle Vella, about a con artist mage and their giant spider companion.

Que Sera Sera
Photo by Sparks Reliance / Unsplash

The upcoming layoff from my job is really doing a number on my mental health. I go in and just lose all motivation to do any work or put much effort into my tasks. It's very disheartening to feel like a cog in the machine, that the company sees us as easily disposable. I had zero warning from management, and everyone is just going along as usual.

I say everyone, but it's really the people hopeful for transfers, and of course management has little to fear; they take top priority. But relocating isn't an option for me or some of my coworkers. I overheard one saying she lives in an apartment behind the store, implying she chose to work here for the sake of convenience. Others have expressed concern about the lack of slots in the two available locations. So a lot of us will be standing in the unemployment line, it seems.

I hit my breaking point earlier this week, when I broke down and cried in the bathroom. Hopefully that's as far as it goes, but I've still got two or three weeks to go!

But on to happier news...

I settled on a title and cover for my upcoming Kindle Vella, about a con artist mage and their giant spider companion. If you follow me on social media, you've likely already seen it. If not, it'll be shortly added to my Book page.

I also came to a realization with my Facebook "ads". The reason I wasn't gaining much traction is that I've only boosted my posts. Apparently it's not as effective as running ads. Whoops. I'm running a proper ad now, which has increased my number of clicks. Not a whole lot of follow through, unfortunately. But the important part is that it works, and will likely be more successful with my future Vella, which has elements of romance. Or at least it will by the 10th episode or so, I'm not entirely sure yet.

I have the first episode scheduled two weeks from now, and will draft and schedule a few more in the meantime. I'll be ending season one of Last Train Home by the end of next month or mid-June, and edit and compile those for the book version.

All this while juggling a WIP, which is...mostly done. Most of the high points have been hit. I just need to tie up the loose ends; about five chapters left to go, or ten if I'm brave enough. I'll be focusing my attention on my Vellas while I let it sit for two weeks before diving into revising.

And then it's back to my poor neglected cyberpunk WIP...