Latest Updates (and a poll!)

Catching up on previous months, including life and writing related updates.

Latest Updates (and a poll!)
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It's been a minute since I last made one of these, and I apologize for that. I've been in a bit of a mental funk, job hunting keeping up with my writing schedule. The job hunt can be a very demoralizing process, but I can happily say I have one now. A unionized bakery job with the potential to be promoted to supervisor.

They pushed for it twice, especially in the interview, but even if it's as simple as making a task list for the bakery clerks, that's...still a pretty big responsibility. But I'd get guaranteed full-time, which would be good for my finances, and cut into my writing time. I'd make it work either way; I used to write during my lunch breaks and around my work day.

I'll give it some thought as I adjust to the job and see what I'm up against.


Now that the hard part is done, let's talk about the fun stuff!

I'm currently balancing several Kindle Vella stories, but hope to wrap one up soonish. Still not entirely sure if I want to pause the story before drafting the next season or not; time is a huge factor. One of my latest, Early Adopter (cyberpunk/noir), is almost entirely drafted and scheduled to publish until the end of May. I'm working on the ending now, and will edit it during summer. That one will be published as a proper book by August or sooner.

But my biggest news is that my queer portal fantasy series, Last Train Home, will be getting a fresh cover and published as an ebook and physical copies (including my first hardcover). I'm working on edits right now, but most of it is ready to go, especially the later chapters. I estimate it'll be over 300 pages, maybe 400. It's almost 70k at the moment.


And finally, I'd like to hear from you! I'm happy to talk about whatever, but I'd like to give everyone a choice in the matter, especially for future book excerpts.

Which stories would you like to hear more about?

1. Early Adopter (cyberpunk noir, no romance, focused on case solving w/ light camaraderie) vote

2. Last Train Home (portal fantasy, light hearted series w/ elements of found family and slow burn romance) vote

3. The Threads That Weave (dark fantasy, featuring giant spiders and a vampire romance) vote

4. St. Acton content (Poly sapphic PNR series; witches, vampires, shifters) vote

5. Something else! Feel free to leave a comment. You can do this directly in the newsletter (there's a comment button) or on site. vote

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