New Summer Job

Just some updates on my new job.

New Summer Job
Photo by Ross Findon / Unsplash

Happy to say I'm finally moving on from my parking concierge job! It was very rough in the winter, it being an outside job and all. It really made me appreciate Georgian weather, despite my issues with the heat and humidity. The biggest thing was the wind, followed by the cold. I could stand the cold by bundling up (which included buying my first real winter jacket), but the wind gets really fierce here! Over 20 mph on some days, which is no fun when you're mostly standing outside and dodging cars and complaints (primarily from management; patients and guests were quite pleasant).

My new job is nothing glamorous, but it's something I'm far more familiar with: stocking. I'm back at another outlet, but a far better one than Ross. Bonus points for having a clean and spacious back area for employees. That was another issue I had with my previous job. The break room was largely neglected, and never warm enough to sustain the winter. I will miss the commute, was a five minute walk from my apartment, whereas my new job requires a bus or car ride to get to, but thankfully it's a rather short distance to traverse.

I'm most excited about being protected from the elements! I wanted to leave my concierge job by summer to avoid the heat and sun. At least in the stock room, there's potential for an AC or fan. Oh, and it will be less cruel on my poor feet! Working outside all day on concrete is not fun, but it can be just as bad indoors. At the very least, I have a week or so of training ahead of me. My feet will have some time to recover before I'm tossed into the frying pan. I also ordered a new pair of work shoes with credit from my previous job, so the timing is perfect.

I don't expect to keep this job longer than a few months. I elected to work part time, with a maximum of 30 hours a week, just because I want a life outside of work. That felt impossible with my old job, as I worked full-time while juggling school and writing. With this stocking job, I'll have more time to write, especially as school comes to a close early next month. This will give me ample time to draft more chapters of Last Train Home, especially in preparation for college courses in the fall semester.

Oh and to top it all off, my current job pays almost a dollar more than my old one. 75 cents extra, to be exact. So while I work less hours, this kinda makes up for it! So a lot of positives all around.

Next week's post will include my word count process for this month. I'm going to devote more time to writing this WIP and schoolwork this weekend.