It's Always the Little Things

An update on the editing process, as well as a peak at my notes.

It's Always the Little Things
Photo by Kari Shea / Unsplash

This is a continuation of my editing post I made recently. Last Train Home has been edited and revised in several spots—no matter how many times I go through it, I find something new to shave off or alter.

But I’m not quite done yet, either! I have some minor edits (and a new final chapter) before I can even start the formatting process. And then write up a new blurb for the paperback. I’m still debating if I want to bother with hardcovers at the moment. It all comes down to my budget, and if I have to cut one thing, it’s hardback...I sell so few paperbacks that I wonder if it’ll even be worth it.

I’m going to do something different today, and that’s showing a bit of my process. Such as half the notes I have for my book. The small things I mentioned previously. These are mostly things I can iron out in an hour.

Also, I...did not give Anniken those extra chapters. I gave her the final chapter instead, as I didn’t want to end the book on such a dramatic cliff hanger. If you’re current on the series, you’ll understand. I’m ending the book around the season 2 finale, and want to soften the blow for those who only read the book.

Give Anniken some love, too! I was planning on doing that in the past, but never got around to doing so. I think it would be cool to swap between the characters, so we can see more of what she's been doing so far. It doesn't have to be *a lot,* but at least ten chapters or so. I at least want to show her meeting Laken. - ~~Delete the first chapter; it's weak and people don't progress much beyond it.  ~~  	- Actually the first chapter is fine! - ~~Again, give places in the world proper names and have the minor characters comment about it, things like queens, taxes, etc. ~~ - ~~Give proper descriptions for Cass!~~ And Laken is nonbinary...alternate for her or have Anniken switch around (in dialogue) and let Meike figure it out. Teddy would do the same. - Also last edit was currently made on April 27th. Keep that in mind for the book and preorder. - And did I mention power leveling more than once? First (ish) time is chapter 12 - Pig -> Boar - Wasn't there a subplot about Meike needing a good bag for their potions?? I think Moira gave them one... - Also, put a quote related to Anniken and Laken at the top of book 2 / before the premiere (when formatting the book) - Renamed Fiver to Saffron. Will edit the Neovel chapters later, by just c/ping things over. - Check Rent A Mule consistency; did I hyphen it somewhere? I did once, apparently.