Weblog PoMo Wrap Up

Just a small recap of my month in this fun event!

Weblog PoMo Wrap Up
Photo by Yoav Hornung / Unsplash

It's been fun, seeing everyone's posts, and sharing a few of my own. While I didn't post everyday, as much as I would've liked to, real life got in the way. That and I may have ran out of things to consistently write about.

But I'm not going to beat myself up over it. This was a fun experiment, and I’m just glad to be part of it. I got to share several interests of mine, such as podcasts, games, and more! My favorite post was probably the one I did over Persona 3 Reload.

I think if I did this again, I would focus less on hobbies in favor of wider topics. Journal themed posts might be too much, but I’ll figure something out. Again, there’s really no rush. If I ultimately decide to write more personal posts next year, I can always do so from a side blog. Unless people would be interested in that sort of thing? Something to consider.

There were several posts I appreciated from other blogs, like Chris Burnell’s that suggested interest pages. That one really stood out to me. Chris brought up Now pages (which I’ve come to embrace), and mentioned how limited they can be. Which I get, but I have so many interests, I don’t even know where to start!

Well, I do love vampires, shifters, and the like…and I’m really into horror in any medium. That may be a good start? I don’t know. I have enough on my site to sort through as is. Adding it to my About page is an option, I suppose? It’s something I’d have to really play around with.

But yeah. That’s the beauty of this challenge. Another post I enjoyed came from someone I follow on Mastodon. It was about polyamory and how it isn’t always a clear cut solution to love triangles, to put it mildly. I highly recommend reading the full post to appreciate Jackalope’s stance. It’s certainly given me much to consider how I depict polyamory in my own work…

Oh, and to anyone reading this—if you have your own blog or want to start one—I suggest giving this challenge a go! Just have fun with it and try not to stress over consistent posting. That’s the ideal, but you have to make space for life, work, and other obligations.