Weblog Pomo Kick Off!

My first post in the WeblogPomo! Here, I discuss an audiodrama I've been vibing with.

Weblog Pomo Kick Off!
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As mentioned in a previous post, I am participating in WebLogPomo this month! But rather than share it on an alternative blog, I decided to do the challenge on my main site. This gives an extra layer of accountability, as I'll be more inclined to write these posts.

I have a rough idea of what I want to write about, such as games, books, and podcasts I am currently enjoying. Today I want to talk about an audiodrama I'm enjoying, called Secrets of Harridge House.

It's essentially an audio soap opera, made with local actors. Three strangers (Cate, Drew, and Issy) learn that they are siblings separated at birth, when a PI summons them to the Harridge, Nevada. There they meet their aunt Sandra, the current owner of the estate. And from there the mystery of Harridge House slowly begins to unravel.

Such as:

  • What's the connection between the Harridge family and the town?
  • Is the house haunted?
  • Why were the siblings adopted out?
  • And what of the house the siblings have inherited?

Some of the reviews and the my initial take of the voice acting made me wary of the show in the beginning, but I quickly became invested in the story. I actually ended up binging most of the first season in one sitting, and binged more of the series lat month. There are over sixty episodes at the moment, and I'm halfway through the show, on season three. I've learned much and have enjoyed the little plot twists and lore.

I highly recommend the show, especially if you're a fan of ghosts, family drama, and the supernatural. There's even a bit of sci-fi in the mix, which I absolutely love! Oh, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Drew was in a polyamorous relationship. I don't see that often in fiction, and their relationship is rather good. Especially when compared to his sister's unhappy marriage with her real jerk of a husband, Richard...

But I'll stop there before I give too much away, haha. I try to take small breaks between seasons, just so I don't get burned out. I felt a bit of that when I caught up on A Happy Bureaucracy (another series I recommend), and would rather not replicate that.

Anyway, I'll end it here for now! Tomorrow I'll try to discuss something other than podcasts. Possibly a book series from my childhood that I'm revisiting...

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