Tender Is The Only Dating App I Need

Tender Is The Only Dating App I Need
The Tender app icon.

And no, that's not a typo. I'm not talking about Tinder, but a little indie game called Tender: Creature Comforts.

As you can guess, it’s based on Tinder, and is structured like a dating sim. The big twist here is that it takes place in outer space, with your character hoping to extend their visa by falling in love. You only get 10 dates however, so if you strike out with all your potential partners, you’ll get shipped back to Earth.

Oh, and aside from the one human, all your dates are aliens!

Most are very quirky, while exhibiting traits of people often found on dating apps. I’ve ran into so many duds in my many playthroughs. Including a guy who wouldn’t stop roleplaying in our messages, and snuck out on me during our date.

My favorite person to date has always been Jackie. She’s slow to warm up, but her route is always satisfying. I generally try to play a nice person who is genuinely looking for love, though there’s always the option to just play for hook ups.

I first played this game on Steam, but recently picked up the Android version (it’s also available on ios), and the difference is quite unique! On the mobile app, you can actually schedule dates for different days of the week, so it feels like you’re actually waiting, rather than immediately going on dates. That’s something I wish the Steam version had, though I also understand why that might not be ideal.

I’m on my second playthrough on the app, and now I want to try dating other characters, while being kind of a jerk to some. There’s a cool poly couple I declined a second date with in my last playthrough. They seemed really cool!

But I just had to romance Jackie…

Wish me luck, ahaha!