September 2023, A Work In Progress

Tired from a combination of school and work, but still writing and loving life!

September 2023, A Work In Progress
Photo by Katie Moum / Unsplash

It's me, I'm the work in progress! Keeping this month's newsletter short, as I touched on a few things in last week's post.


To summarize, I'm juggling both work and school, and feeling the strain of both. The stocking job is okay. I mostly like that it's part-time, and my hours are very stable. The hard part is finding the energy to do my homework assignments, particularly the weekly essays for my English class.

I love writing, but academic essays are...very tedious to write.

I love my medical terminology class, however! It's challenging, as I'm learning so many new terms, but rewarding! My latest assignment involved writing a personal ad, using medical terms. The teacher stressed we keep it clean, haha! I'm hoping to turn all the knowledge from this course into inspiration for a future story or character...I do have a character who is a surgeon, after all.


Now, for the fun part! Editing for Early Adopter is almost done. My editor gave me fantastic feedback to improve the story, and I've even hit that desired 30k word count. Still fairly short, but I planned on it being a novella from the start. Future books in the series might run longer. This first book was just to introduce readers to the series.

I also wrote the ending for The Threads That Weave. It's set to end late next month, and I will do some heavy editing before turning it into a proper book. The word count on that one is roughly 80k words. I'm sure it'll be closer to 100k once it's edited and revised...but that shall come later.

Unfortunately, I'm considering prematurely ending Diary of A Stray Cat. But in happier news, I am working on the old WIP it's based on. I don't plan on putting it on Vella at the moment, as it's not made for the serial format. I'm not entirely sure I want to put it on Ream, either. But I am happy to be working on this old story again.

I missed my feline shifters!

Oh, and Last Train Home is chugging along as planned. That one won't end for years, if at all. The season three finale will be up on the 28th of this month, but I won't move to the fourth season right away. I decided to do some pre-season episodes, written from the perspective of a few side characters: Moira (alchemist and Meike's love interest), Maggie (Meike's mentor), Patches (the Deaf cat and sailor). I wanted to do a harvest theme for October. Still don't know if I'll do anything special for December, but there's plenty of time to decide.

I'll have preorders for Early Adopter out soon; I still need to update the blurb. So far it looks like I'll release it in October or November, which are probably odd dates for a sci-fi book, but eh. Better late than never, eh?