Looking Back, January

A recap of last month and what I've been up to, including life updates, making a book wide, and other fun goodies.

Looking Back, January
Photo by freestocks / Unsplash

A lot happened last month and in December, but I didn't have time to comment on it until now.


For starters, we moved apartments, which was a big deal...especially on the tail end of a winter storm that ended late December. We're locked into our current lease for the next two years, but I think I'd like to move before or after winter next time!

And as I've been employed for the past few months, I had to ramp up my job hunt to find a decent job and help out more with rent and other bills. The money I make from writing (mostly Kindle Vella) has been helping with my share of rent, but it's not sustainable right now.

Now, on to the fun stuff...


As you all know by now, I had a new book come out—Never Too Much, a contemporary sapphic romance. That one does have some supernatural elements, but it's very sparse. There will be more in a planned short story.

My sapphic paranormal romance set in the same town, I Think of You Often, is officially free of its KU shackles, and is now available wide! Including my shop.

Other than that, I made a companion guide for my currently longest running serial, Last Train Home. It contains details on characters, the world, magic, and more.

I'm very focused on wrapping up one of my serials at the moment, and hope to get back to my sci-fi WIP soon. I don't have a hard release date for either at the moment, sadly.

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