Last Train Home Companion Guide

For fans and those curious about my web serial.

Last Train Home Companion Guide

I've been working on a side project for the past two months, a handy little guide for fans of my web serial! There are a few things I want to add in the future, such as Guilds, but that's not a pertinent topic at the moment; the subject has yet to come up in the story at the moment.

This guide gives depth into the world, its people, crafting, and character profiles! There are some light spoilers throughout, but that shouldn't matter.

Last Train Home
Learn more about the world of Glasend and Meike’s travels!

Let me know in the comments below if there's anything you'd like to see! I think I've covered the essentials, but I am considering adding a post about global and local holidays! It hasn't been winter in story yet, but I'd like to hit that topic soon.

In the future, I plan on revamping the guide altogether, by designing a site for it. I'd give it a sort of gaming aesthetic, with cute pixel art, and, if Vella ever goes down south...I'd post there directly, and/or use sites like Laterpress or Ream. There will be physical and digital copies for those who want them, but the story will always be available to read online, via subscription.

It's a passion project of mine, so the goal is to allow everyone to read it in their ideal format. 🙂 This is just the first step for a "neverending" story.