July 2023, Cat Tales

Cat adoption and some writing updates.

July 2023, Cat Tales
A solid black cat, lying on a treadmill. She has green eyes.

These last two months have been very exciting for me! I started T last month, finished formatting book one of Last Train Home, signed up for college courses, and most recently, my partner and I adopted a cat!

I’ll start with the most exciting news first: our cat!

A black cat with big green eyes.
A black cat with big green eyes.

She’s a solid black cat, supposedly 2 years old, but she could be younger. Her name is Raynie, and she’s super affectionate and gentle. She gravitated towards my girlfriend immediately, and we were able to take her home the very next day.

We mostly got a second cat to help mellow out our older cat, Lily. Lily turned 10 years old this year, but she still has a lot of energy and doesn’t always want to play with her toys.

Lily and Raynie have only known each other for three weeks now, but they’ve been getting along well. We’ve had more of an issue keeping them separated, as Raynie is a little escape artist, despite the tall pet gate.

As for me, I’ve been juggling books and comics (The Dark Tower series, Animorphs, and Sunstone), and discovering new podcasts and catching up with old ones. I’ve been playing a lot of visual novels, as well.

I’ve had a harder time working in writing with the new cat, but I got back into the swing of things after a week.


The end of July was my deadline for editing Early Adopter, and I’m happy to say I’ve made a lot of progress on that front. I finished the revising stage last week, and started editing Monday. I’m going to take it slow, to work out all the kinks. I’ll post more about my progress next week, but you can find the revision post here.

Novels aside, I did make time to draft a month’s worth of episodes for each of my ongoing serials, to get in the habit of the early access content on Ream. It’ll also provide a nice cushion for when school starts.

And by doing so, I figured out an important plot point for The Threads That Weave. I should be able to wrap that story up by September. In an ideal world, I’d release the book version by Halloween, but I really doubt that’s possible right now.

I’ve really learned to pace myself!

But once it’s done, I’ll be moving on to some older WIPs, and/or book two of the St. Acton series. I’ve got a lot of muse for that one and my old shifter thriller WIP. There’s some romance in the latter, but it’s not the main focus.

I’ll keep y’all posted!