Josie's Lonely Hearts Club

Another podcast post!

Josie's Lonely Hearts Club
Photo by James Kovin / Unsplash

I'm back with another favorite podcast! Josie's Lonely Hearts Club is a semi-scripted romantic advice show. It's set in New Mexico, and the host gets many calls from (mostly) weirdos in need of dating advice. These are the kind of people you either want to avoid on dating apps, or are involved with those kind of people. It's a pretty damn funny show, and just wrapped up its second season. I just listened to it without realizing that's the last ep for awhile, and I am devastated!

This is a podcast I picked up and binged through the first season within a week of subscribing. It's like a potato chip; can't just eat one! What really sells it for me is Josie's interactions with the callers (improve actors). The person behind the Josie character is just as anxious and nervous about love as her callers. In fact, the show is a way to work through all that, which listeners get to see in her off-air banter with her colleague and engineer, Frank.

So right now I'm really invested in Jo's love life. I can't say too much without spoiling, but there's some sapphic pining and fumbling to be had. I think that's partly what's kept me involved as well, cause it was unexpected and I don't see that nearly enough. This is the kind of show I listen to on my commute to work, as it helps take the edge off and puts me in a chipper mood before my shift. 

I can't recommend it enough, especially if you love dating shows, improv, and comedy! Advice shows in general are something I've developed a taste for as I grow older. I also listen to Life Will Be the Death of Me with Chelsea Handler and Relationsh*t with Kamie Crawford. Those shows aren't scripted, so there's a bit more real life cringe to endure, so Josie's is a welcome change to that. Some of the stories aren't that unusual, unfortunately.

Never underestimate just how weird people can be! Good or bad.

But...sigh. I'm going to be eagerly waiting for updates on season 3, while binging other dramas that have been complete for awhile. This is the part of the show where Josie would say "Goodnight, cuties!" but it's like 6 AM where I good morning? Or night, wherever you are!