I Think of You Often

My latest book is out and available on ebook, KU, and paperback!

I Think of You Often
I Think of You Often. Cover shows a biracial femme presenting person with long locs (Evan), standing beside a large wolf.
A witchy nb/nb/f romance.

Evan is the reclusive librarian of Honeycutt Academy, and a source of curiosity among students and staff, most notably the bubbly potions teacher. With her by their side, Evan is willing to give love another shot and move on from a devastating breakup.

That's complicated by the arrival of Evan’s half-sister, who reopens old wounds for them—painful childhood memories of the father they share. A reluctant Evan is pulled into a plot to slay the vampire, but neither are suited for the task. But they know the perfect person for the job—a wolf shifter, part-time monster hunter—and an old flame, who may threaten their newfound relationship.

Also includes intimate scenes of blood drinking. While not required, it is advised to read the prequel, Gone Was the Glow.

Accompanying playlist:

I originally planned on titling the chapters after songs from the main playlist, but decided to link it instead. These are all listed in order.