Further Thoughts On Secrets of Harridge House

Further Thoughts On Secrets of Harridge House
Photo by Karsten Winegeart / Unsplash

I'm going to preface this by saying I have not finished the series yet, and that there will be spoilers! So if this is something you want to experience for yourself, or are in the middle of completing, do not read further!

Cool, now that that's out of the way...

I still have the two final episodes to listen to, but supposedly there's more coming this year? Not sure, as all I see at the moment are bonus episodes of cast interviews. Hopefully this means I'll be able to follow along in real time.

But yeah, I'm almost done with season 4 and woo boy...there's a lot to unpack here, and I feel a lot like Charlie in that Pepe Silva scene. A lot happened and I kinda got lost in the weeds. I'm not entirely clear on what happened to a few characters, such as Sandra and her twin sister, or what led to Cate's death(?).

And then there's the whole nonsense surrounding the Indian burial ground trope, and the inclusion of a Native American who shows up to give Josiah eagle feathers and warn him about the mines. That rubbed me the wrong way because it reeks of stereotypical mysticism. The icing on the cake was, of course, when it's revealed that there's a cosmic entity living in the mines. Specifically, the Lovecraftian god Azhgoth.

That made me feel less icky, but I'm still not a fan of the lead up and reliance on overused and harmful tropes. I really feel like this last season kinda went off the rails, and then the ending...well, almost ending.

In the last episode I listened to, there's an explosion in the mines, preceded by the deaths of several characters. The story then flash forwards twenty years or so in the future, where it's revealed that the podcast has gone full meta. That's right. The story of Harridge House becomes a podcast in the actual world.

And Linda is a voice assistant, I believe?

Anyway, the next few episodes will follow the children of the previous protagonists, so we get to see them all grown up. I'm down for that, but I'm also eager to see what happened to everyone else. There's no point in abandoning the series when I've got two episodes (and possibly more) to go through.

I don't plan on writing a post about the finale, unless it really blows me away (which I doubt). I'll get to those later this week.