Final Thoughts On Secrets of Harridge House

Final Thoughts On Secrets of Harridge House
Photo by Ján Jakub Naništa / Unsplash

I know I said I wouldn't write a follow up post, but there's the issue with making absolutist statements. This will be brief, as I've mostly said all I wanted about previous episodes.

I had a lot of mixed feelings going into the series finale, as some problematic plot points just rubbed me the wrong way. And then there was just so much to unpack and digest. And now I think there really will be a fifth season? Oh, I probably should've prefaced this with a big spoiler warning, but I assume you already know that, based on the title alone.

These last two episodes were an excellent way to wrap up the series in my opinion. While I do miss the original cast, I don't see the point in dragging things out further. A spin-off series with Cate's adult children would be cool. I like the world of Harridge House, and would love to see more stories in that setting. Just no more alternate worlds, haha.

I want to see more of Blake and his baby sister, Emmeline. They finally have the opportunity to be real kids and grow up! There's so much potential to be had there. I assume that's the direction they'll go with this fifth season, at least. Still no updates on that, as far as I can tell. I checked them out on Facebook, and it seems the show originally ended late 2022?

The finale was, again, superb! Loved every second of it, and how neatly everything was tied together. The problem with long series like these is that they start to falter near the end. Luckily, this one bounced back pretty well.

At the very moment of writing this post, I am listening to the bonus interview episodes, and wow! I love Sandra's actor! You hear more of it in the show, but she has quite the range. That evil laugh? Chef's kiss! I'll finish the rest later, but these apparently ran alongside the first season as its own show, but stopped around the second season.

I still can't believe Asher Hunter Wong (voice of Blake) was only nine at the time of recording his interview episode. While I don't wish him the life of a child star, I can definitely see him being a great actor as he matures! He and Heidi Hampton (Sandra and Amelia) are two of the strongest in the cast, and also my favorites. Next to Drew, of course.

Guess I'll take this time to catch up on other podcasts, like Deca Tapes or the Silt Verses. The former has a new season coming out soon. I just hope it lives up to my fond memories of it...