Editing Early Adopter

The official start on edits for Early Adopter. It's going well so far!

Editing Early Adopter
Photo by Aideal Hwa / Unsplash

This week I started on edits. Now that I’ve got revisions done, all that’s left is smoothing out the small details. This includes clunky sentences, vague wording, fleshing out descriptions, and more. This week I combed through 14k words.

I’m editing by word, rather than chapter, to help alleviate some of the heavier workload, and to acknowledge the scene breaks in those chapters. This also accounts for the 3k or so words I plan on adding to the story, to get it to a solid 30k word count.

Very, very doable.

So far I’ve only found small things to tweak or push around. The early part of the story is actually rather solid; it just needed some additional fine tuning. I’m really happy with the results! I admit I was a little nervous writing a sci-fi novella. It’s not my first, but it will be my first published sci-fi story.

It’s also my first real attempt at a mystery story, though this one isn’t quite as elaborate. It’s more character focused, to be honest.

I updated the first three chapters provided on my blog, which you’ll find here:

Early Adopter, Chapter 1
The first chapter of my sci-fi noir series, Early Adopter. First three chapters are available for free.

My next update won’t be my last, but it’ll come close! Next week’s edits will pose a greater challenge, which I’m actually looking forward to. There’s just so much to explore and tinker with. The last five or so chapters will be a breeze, however. I already edited those last week, catching small errors as I checked my formatting. And then I’ll send it off to my editor to make sure everything is in order.

Until next time!