Editing Early Adopter, part 2

Another recap on my editing process.

Editing Early Adopter, part 2
Photo by Marija Zaric / Unsplash

The next post I make about this will be the last, as I am almost finished with my edits!

My last few chapters didn't need as much editing as the earlier ones, though I still found scenes to clip, and added others in their place. In particular, I omitted the scene where Ryn researched the Egyptian goddess, Bastet, which was roughly four hundred words and contributed...next to nothing for the plot. Instead, I condensed the research scene to a mere summary Ryn provided Shae.

Cutting those words hurt at the time, but I got over it. I was able to add a similar amount to make up for it, which was nice. I've had to do the same for several other scenes now. It's a sad but necessary step of the process.

I also added more about the world, especially things regarding cooking and food. I'm heavily biased against bland, simplified nutrient pellets and such, so you can imagine how that is displayed in the book.

I'm also aware that food scarcity is an issue for many people around the world, and will only worsen with climate change. But I've been known to have a bit of optimism from time to time, so...just something to look out for in the finished book.

My current word count is 28,268. I keep hoping it'll get bigger, but now I'm not entirely sure! Anyway, til next time.