Curry Appreciation Post

Curry Appreciation Post
Photo of golden curry and white rice by Andy Hay / Unsplash

This is going to be a short post, as I am mentally exhausted from the work day. And right now, I'm craving one of my favorite comfort foods: curry.

I made a big pot of golden curry a few days ago, using a pack of S&B's medium heat blend. It wasn't anything fancy, as we only had two main ingredients: shrimp and potatoes. But once I broke the curry bricks apart and dropped them into the simmering water, nothing else mattered.

My girlfriend could smell it from the hallway, as could our neighbors, I'm sure. I made our bowls look as cute as possible, using a rice mold to make cute animal shapes (an otter for them, a crab for me), and plopped them right on top of the hot curry.

My girlfriend was still traveling home when I tucked into my bowl. I knew she wouldn't mind, as we don't always eat side by side. I kept her bowl covered so it would stay warm when she came home, and upon entering she eagerly told me how good everything smelled.

I even set my bowl aside for a moment to show her the little otter resting atop the curry. She got a kick out of that, and rushed to collect her food after changing into comfortable clothes.

Even writing this now, I can taste and smell the curry powder, and long for a hot bowl to keep me company. Normally I'd make curry in colder weather, but it's something I've been craving for a while now. I love curry in any form, especially if it's spicy.

Unfortunately, I suffered some gut issues two or three years ago. I got diagnosed with GERD and a hiatal hernia. For almost a year I could eat nothing but bland food, such as white rice, toast, and mashed potatoes. I couldn't have anything too strong, and had to avoid tomatoes at all cost.

But now that I can tolerate tomatoes (to a degree!) I have felt safer consuming some spicy food, which eventually lead me back to curry. And I'm already planning to make more.