(Current) Favorite Daily and Ongoing Podcasts

Just a collection of some of my favorite podcasts and audio dramas.

(Current) Favorite Daily and Ongoing Podcasts

At this very moment, anyway. My fave audio dramas are always subject to change, but I'm very consistent about my nonfiction and entertainment casts (likes movies and shows). I won't be updating this list, but people encountering it in the future will have a good idea of what I like to listen to. And that's mostly horror and sci-fi dramas!

And some sillier stuff regarding movies and shows.

I use Pocket Casts, so if you do the same, all these should be available. I can't speak for other apps and sites, but you should be able to yoink the rss feed and apply that way. Unless your main app is Spotify, I suppose. Most of the nonfiction ones should be available there.


These are all news related:

  • Alex Wagner
  • Axios Today
  • Black Information Network Daily
  • The Daily Show
  • Ted Talks Daily
  • Today In Ohio

Ongoing Faves

These are just some nonfiction podcasts I keep up with; fictional is much longer:

  • 420 Day Fiance
  • Behind the Bastards
  • Depresh Mode
  • Ear Hustle
  • Gender Reveal
  • Hold Up with Dolcé Sloane & Josh Johnson
  • How Did This Get Made
  • I Love A Lifetime Movie
  • Lore
  • My Momma Told Me
  • Noble Blood
  • Pillow Talking with Violeta Balhas
  • Scam Goddess

Ongoing Audio Dramas

I tend to binge listen, but like to take breaks between seasons. And I listen to so many different audio dramas at a time...I'll make individual posts or something close to that in future updates.

  • Dark Dice
  • The Hotel
  • The Grey Rooms
  • Mnemosyne
  • Mockery Manor
  • Moonbase Theta, Out
  • Paralyzed
  • The Patron Saint of Suicides (will be concluding this year)
  • Someone Dies In This Elevator
  • The Strata
  • Tower 4
  • Valence
  • Within the Wires