A Boost In Productivity

HRT, therapy, and antidepressants are helping me complete writing projects.

A Boost In Productivity
Photo by Genghis / Unsplash

I’m taking on a lot this year, from college to HRT, and that may or may not affect my writing. I’ve been very productive since starting Zoloft and testosterone, so I’m hoping I stay on top of things and put out extra work, but I’m trying to pace myself.

I already did something beneficial for myself, and that was wrap up two Vellas (Early Adopter and Jello on the Wall), to focus on my three ongoing series (Last Train Home, The Threads That Weave, and Diary of A Stray Cat). I may revisit Jello in the future, though it wouldn’t be in the school setting. I burned out fast on that one. I still need to port it over to Ream as well, but I want a new cover before committing to that. Same with Stray, though that would be easier to find (or make) a cover for.

So, my current goal is to be a month ahead on all my stories. I’ve been pretty good at being two chapters ahead recently, and figured I could extend that to five. It will be easier for Last Train Home and Stray; the former is an isekai / portal fantasy series focused on exploration at the moment, and the latter is in the form of diary entries.

The Threads That Weave is the one currently giving me issues, as I’m not entirely sure where to take the plot at the moment. I need to sit and work through that.

And once I’m all caught up on everything, I’ll be able to go through and edit Early Adopter! There are a few tricky plot points I want to refine, and some things I want to flesh out. I’m giving myself time to do that with the help of an editor, because I really want this novella to succeed.

Ah, right. I planned on finishing The Threads That Weave before the end of summer, which is another priority to focus on. So that’s a good reason to clean up the plot and steer Sloane in the right direction. That will be fun to flesh out into book form later, as I had a lot planned with Synclaire and the fated mates angle. I think that’s what season three was supposed to be...hm. I think I just figured out an important plot point while writing this! Can’t go into what right now, obviously!

So yeah, it’s not a great moneymaker, but I may share some of my WIPs on Vella in the future. For now, I want to limit the amount of work for myself and work more on Last Train Home! I think I’d go back to posting biweekly, at that point. Though I would do smaller episodes on Vella, and bigger ones on Ream / everywhere else.

There is a zombie serial I want to start at some point, along with a litrpg, but that will come later, and mostly be prewritten by the time I share it. I’d even do the free to early access model...

Wish me luck!