Poll Results and Life Updates

May's newsletter, with news on current writing, life, and those poll results.

Poll Results and Life Updates

I've had a lot going on these last few months, and have been perpetually busy with work, writing, life, and very little time for gaming, which is one of my main hobbies. But I've got some good news to share, like poll results and the status of my writing projects.

First off, I'd like to give a little birthday shout out to my good friend Nat, whose book, Ashe & Dez: Gals with Grit is free from now until the 21st (in the US, at least)! Highly recommended, especially if you like westerns, deadly deserts, swarming sandworms, and sapphic romance.

Poll Results

Early Adopter was favored above the others, with Last Train Home and The Threads That Weave close contenders. I'm a little surprised by the results, as my sci-fi novella isn't as popular as my other series. I've got a lot of feedback and interest in Threads, due to the unique concept—from arachnophobics and spider lovers alike.

Funny how that works!

I think I'll rotate between the stories, though I've talked more about Last Train Home on my blog in general. That's my passion project, after all. I know it's not for everyone, but it's in a good niche.


Two big news—the launch of Ream and Kobo+.

I touched on the latter in this month's promo post. This bit is only really relevant to UK and US citizens, as these two countries have only recently gained access. I recommend giving it a try, especially if you want to support authors, or just want an Amazon alternative. And, unlike KU, authors are credited for rereads, and aren't locked down by exclusivity.

That's a big one for me, as I want more control over my books, which includes getting them into libraries. I can't do that with KU. And for those of you who like serial fiction, I'm slowly transferring my Kindle Vella serials to Ream. It's still very much a work in progress, but you can check it out here: https://reamstories.com/page/lh4v0k11ss

Aside from adapting to new platforms, I'm looking into book covers for Last Train Home and Early Adopter. I have a few artists in mind, so hopefully I'll be able to reveal a cover soon.

Current goals are to revise and edit Early Adopter, which I've also taken down from my site. The first three chapters are still up for those curious, but I realized Ghost maybe isn't the best platform for publishing literature; Laterpress and Ream are better for it. Auto indentation for the win!


This part is a bit personal, but I've started seeing a therapist and started medication for my anxiety and depression. I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression as a teen, and it's been a struggle throughout my life. It's gotten to a point where it affects my ability to work as well (at least as far as customer service is concerned), so I'm seeking career counseling as well.

It's also affecting my writing, which is a major concern. Too much self-doubt lately, so my imposter syndrome is having a field day.

I'm interested in taking college courses as well, something in healthcare but with limited interaction with people. That may or may not effect my writing schedule, but I'll have finished several web serials by then, and prioritize my novels.

Gotta admit I'm also a little stressed out about the whole AI thing, but I'd keep writing regardless. Writing is one of the few things that keeps my mental health in check. I've been feeling better already, less anxious for one, but I'll give it a few months before I know for sure.