November 2023

Some updates on my current draft, life, and work.

November 2023
Photo by Ruvim Noga / Unsplash

Normally I do a monthly newsletter, but life got pretty hectic last month. Mostly work, but add school into the mix, and it’s a neverending mix of obligations. I work in retail, and the amount of stock we’ve gotten has skyrocketed. Lucky me, I won’t be working the week of Black Friday. I did that once, for Walmart, and I never want to work another Black Friday again. I had a few customers threaten to fight my manager over...towels. And that was before the pandemic.

Despite my increased workload, I was actually very productive. Last month, I launched the first book in my Last Train Home series, which is available in ebook and print. Last Friday, the first book in my sci-fi series, Early Adopter, was released. Those are the last two releases I had planned for this year, with more to come around spring of next year.

Right now, I am working on an old WIP I started over a decade ago (in my teens). This story was originally inspired by Kill Bill, and has undergone many iterations over the years. From regular human assassins, to feline shifters. One of the few things that remained static were names and the sapphic cast of characters. I had roughly 32k from my previous draft, but added over 20k in the form of new early chapters. I’m sitting on 53k words at the moment, and no end in sight! My goal is 80k, but I’d be satisfied with 70k.

I wouldn’t categorize it as a romance, though there is romance involved. It’s more of a thriller, following a jaguar shifter as they protect an exotic dancer from a serial killer. That's essentially the core of the plot, but there's more going on, particularly the protag, Frankie's mental state (PTSD, among others), their partners (who care dearly for them), and a bit of body horror.

I considered publishing the story bit by bit on Kindle Vella, though there's been a lot of issues with Amazon lately. There's an increased chance of having episodes blocked, and customer support has been...quite lacking. If I do decide to publish the draft anywhere, it'll be Ream. But there are a few things I want to tidy up first.

There might not be a newsletter next month, for the record. I don't have anything major planned for December, and will be busy with finals and work.