Kitten Fever, Chapter 6
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Kitten Fever, Chapter 6

Ryn and Shae chat at the bar.
A blurry view of a bar from afar, the word "relax" in bold lettering.
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo / Unsplash
Lightweight Champion

True to their word, Ryn took Shae to a little bar not too far from their apartment. It was small and jam packed on most days but Sundays, but not so empty they weren’t allowed privacy.

“You still want that tonic,” they said, leading Shae to a quiet booth. “I can get it for you—my treat.”

“Two,” she said, slumping into her seat. Rings that weren’t there before framed her eyes, turning Shae into a wraith-like figure beyond her thirty something years.

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