Kitten Fever, Chapter 5
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Kitten Fever, Chapter 5

Ryn and Shae scope out Shanice's apartment.
A series of apartments, one side blue, the other gold, lined up next to each other. Each contains a balcony.
Photo by Brandon Griggs / Unsplash
Room Raiders

Shae was eager to get it started that night, but Ryn gently persuaded her to reconsider. Approaching the landlord in the evening had an opportunity to catch him off guard, but was just as likely to cast doubt as well. A daytime approach would also put other residents at ease; no one expected trouble on a lazy Sunday morning.

“I still think we should’ve come sooner,” Shae said, rolling her shoulders. She wore her uniform as requested, the vest signaling a quiet alarm to all in the vicinity.

Ryn themselves wore one of their better blazers, color palette the standard mix of black and shades of gray. They were going for the boring, unremarkable approach, but with a dash of style.

“You wanna knock, or should I?”

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