Backlog Update #7: Magically Delicious
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Backlog Update #7: Magically Delicious

Got a big update today! AKA, I had a busy month.
Backlog Update #7: Magically Delicious

Blues And Bullets - I remember this being mildly interesting when I first tried playing it. Never got beyond the first chapter, for whatever reason. But after playing it again...I'm starting to see why. The premise is fun and all, but the execution is a bit shaky. Doesn't help that the game has no hope of being finished, as it was abandoned a few years ago, with only two of five episodes completed in the series. Always a shame when that happens.

Heart of The Woods - This one had a ton of potential, but unfortunately proved to be disappointing. The pacing was poor, the story wasn't sure if it wanted to be horror or fantasy, and despite being paranormal hunters, neither Tara nor Maddie picked up the initial red flags from the area they were investigating. I also found Maddie unlikable, and disliked Tara's voice acting. I know having her be voiced by a trans voice actor added to the authenticity of her character, but the acting itself and inflections giving her a questioning tone was irritating.

Despite that, I did like Tara to an extent. My favorite character had to be Morgan, who had a lot going for them in terms of backstory and overall nature (I thought she was on the autistic at first). I'm not sure if I would recommend it, but I also wouldn't say you shouldn't give it a shot if you're curious.

Mad Father - Great game, far too scary for me to comfortably play. I ended up watching a let's play instead, and I'm rather glad I did. The game only gets scarier, and the endings had me shook

Magical Eyes: Red Is For Anguish - Interesting setting and story, but I just couldn't get invested. Doesn't help that the project is abandoned, so there's so much of the story you'll never get to know. Like the main character's backstory, for example.

Major/Minor - One big furry visual novel. It was a bit much for me, to be honest. Not a whole lot of consistency in character designs, though apparently they were modeled after Kickstarter backers? There was a bit of a murder mystery, a bit of portal fantasy, and a lot of weird plot points I quickly grew bored of. The controls and engine used weren't the best, which made playing this quite tedious.

Retrace - Really enjoyed this one! Short game (took me three hours), but the story doesn't need to be long to get the point across. Although it's labeled as a psychological horror game, I got more eerie vibes from it than anything. That said, the story was solid and it had some great characterization.

The characters were all very queer – the boys had a thing for each other, even if it was a bit subtle, and Freya had two female love interests. And I think Lucas might have been on the spectrum? I don't see that too often in games, or at least not intentionally implied. I'm hoping the game dev puts out more games like this in the future.

Strawberry Vinegar - The story was a bit off, mostly because the two girls were literal children, but this game had a lot of great visuals! Mostly all the yummy looking food art! Definitely not the kind of game you play on an empty stomach.

Sunrider Academy - A total disappointment and tedious grindy mess. Granted, I played this spin off before playing the main game, but I haven't heard a lot of good things about that one, either. Fortunately, I got these games in a Humble Bundle a few years back. For dirt cheap, I believe.

World of Horror - An interesting game an old friend gifted me a year ago. It's heavily inspired by Junji Ito's works, and is a blend of Choose Your Own Adventure and DND. I enjoyed the idea of it and the horror, but the game remains in Early Access and hasn't been updated since before Halloween or so.

I played one of the easiest scenarios, but I'm not motivated to go beyond that right now. And that's partly because the ability to save your game was disabled, which is...lovely. I might revisit later once it's updated, but for now I'm content with what it has to offer.