Backlog Update #1
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Backlog Update #1

I had a very busy week! I made a ton of progress on the outline for my novel, and knocked two games out of my backlog; Matsuribayashi (Higurashi) and Salting the Earth.

I'd been casually chipping away at Matsuribayashi prior to starting my New Year's resolution, and had only played 30 minutes a day, during my lunch break. I got serious last week and devoted over sixteen hours to it, according to my time management app. And boy, what an ending! I was really worried about my fave, but everything worked out just fine. I liked the "no losers" angle.

Salting the Earth took me considerably less time, as it's more of a casual visual novel. Under two hours, and only because I wanted to collect all of the achievements. It was a cute game about a Nymph who dates a buff orc woman of your choice. Strictly wlw, too. While the premise seemed promising, I can't say the game left much of an impression on me. The writing was a bit rough in some places as well, but it provided some minor relief from the seriousness of Higurashi.

I'm not sure what games I want to pick up now, but Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning is at the top of my list. It's one I actually started over a year ago but have only touched every now and then. The story itself is great, if not slow to build. My problem with it is that the Steam version tends to lag, so I can't play it for long stretches of time. Though considering I just finished Higurashi, I might need to pick up something more light-hearted. Like First Snow, another wlw visual novel.

Or even DoraKone, which is basically Pokemon Go with dragons. I just know I need some softness in my life, especially considering the madness going on in my country right now.